Sweet February!

The snow has been a bit shy this year, but that hasn't stopped us from having fun outside.  Our imaginations have taken over as we play on the plow mountains and snow painting with Amanda Gibbs!  We also had yet another successful round of conferences with parents. Thank you to all who came to meet with us this month as we know it is not always easy to make time...we appreciate it!

Last month, Sprouts spent a lot of time tracking different animals in the wild; particularly the rascally fox and mysterious wolf. We also learned some new light/dark art concepts and explored the idea of "illustration" within books and using our own skills. Kids learned how cool it is to cast their silhouette on the wall using only a flashlight...and teachers learned that wiggly children make for semi-accurate silhouette drawings! All in good fun!  :) 

This month, as there will be a lot of love and affection in the air, we will be talking about and navigating through our "feelings" and how we can come to understand them. And since we are learning about the emotions within  ourselves, we will also take a tour of our bodies, from our skin.. to our hearts.. to our bones!

Other concepts of study this month are storytelling and fairytales, inkblots and symmetry, melting and freezing. As always, we encourage you to join us in teaching these topics at home with your sprouts! Looking forward to a very sweet month :) 

A special thank you to all our families for their involvement. We've had help around the room, help from home, tasty homemade treats, and some guest teachers... we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We are really feeling the LOVE lately...

Your Teachers


Ringing In A New Year

Happy New Year!  We hope your holiday break was filled with love, good food and happiness!  As we welcome Winter and embark on another trip around the sun, we are surrounded by the good energy and merriment from December! Art projects fill the classroom, snowmen and snow sculptures fill the canyon. When there wasn't any snow, we made our own, and boy have we had fun exploring the farthest and snowiest parts of our Earth. December was a time of channeling our giving hearts, as we made ornaments for our families, and home made gifts for our friends through our classroom "Giving Box." Our Sprouts demonstrated just how good and warm their hearts are and we are so proud of them. 

Thank you to all who came and celebrated with us at our annual Holiday Party! It was fun to see so many Sprouts and their siblings bopping around! We ate some delicious treats, made fun crafts, and received some exciting new items for our classroom, thanks to all of you! We look forward to keeping this tradition alive for many years to come. 

Winter Solstice was a very special celebration as well! We read the story of "The Star Child" and made orange feeders for our woodland friends, hanging them on branches outside. We invited Winter to come as we used teamwork to build a giant Winter Spiral in the snow, lit by luminaries. It was beautiful, as is this time of year. 

So here we go, ringing in the new year, with a whole bundle of new ideas! As the snow thickens, we will do our best to keep up with our snow science. We will poke, roll, freeze, melt, build, and even look for tracks of those brave animals who stick around in the Winter. Hopefully we will spot the infamous fox or even a wolf or two! We will play with light and dark, poems and rhyming, and even the important and beautiful topics of "peace" and "diversity," as we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day!      Here's to January!     ~Your Teachers


Giving Thanks in a Winter Wonderland

Ahh December…  A new season and month is upon us as our school transforms into a Winter Wonderland. We are ready to cozy up our classroom and celebrate the gifts that this time of year brings. 

We leave November with good memories and full bellies!  Our Sprouts learned to bake cookies, breads, and other tasty snacks! This was just a warm-up for end of the month traditions with family, friends, and feasts.  Our Sprouts spent time recognizing people, places, and things that surround us daily and showing thanks in their own special way.  It is so heart-warming to hear about how much your kids love and admire you, their families, and all you do for them!  We are thankful for such a great community!  Great job Sprouts on your family table centerpieces and proudly presenting your creative artwork to your classmates!

This month, we welcome Winter in a number of ways... We will uncover the joys of December!  We will study the science of snow, learn about singing and rhythm, travel to our Earth's polar regions to see what's happening (and who's happening), and discover the people and places that make up our community.  All the while, putting our hands to work as we examine textures, fabrics and create home made gifts!   Such fun exploration ahead!

Stay warm!

Your Teachers