Development of the Whole Child - Growing Cognitively

It is our goal to provide learning experiences for each child that capitalizes on their strengths to enhance their learning in other areas.


  • Ordering: first, next, last; before and after
  • Patterns: recognizing/extending patterns
  • Numbers: counting; recognizing numerals
  • Number Sense: understanding more, fewer, the same
  • Geometry: shapes and spatial relations
  • Money: what is money and how is it used
  • Time: clocks, times of day
  • Measurement


  • Identify parts of a book: front/back cover; title page, author/illustrator
  • Understand that print reads from left to right
  • Identify a word; understand that words can represent ideas/thoughts
  • Predicting what will happen next
  • Remembering events of a story
  • Identifying with a story or relating a personal experience


  • Alphabet Knowledge: identify letters/sounds
  • Rhyme Awareness: supply and recognize rhyming words
  • Beginning Sound Awareness: identify beginning sounds of a word
  • Verbal Memory: reciting short poems/songs


  • Write name
  • Create and write about drawings/paintings
  • Label objects with writing
  • Learn to write simple sentences
  • Practice writing capital and lowercase letters

Social Studies/Science:

  • Investigation through scientific theory
  • Reasoning/Logic
  • Describing: colors, shapes, texture, etc.
  • Recognizing natural patterns/cycles;  water cycle, life cycles, weather
  • Resources: water, sun
  • Outer Space; our place
  • Citizenship/community
  • History; changes over time
  • Families/Culture
  • Health and Nutrition


  • Explore different types of music
  • Dance
  • Create art using many mediums
  • Learn songs
  • Experience fine/modern art in many forms
  • Explore various musical instruments