A natural setting – no, a WILD setting, is the tap-root of our beliefs surrounding child raising. This school is a dream come true. The art, the farm, the forest…coyotes loping through the fields. Here at Mt. Sprouts, I can trust that my child is safe and is learning, not just letters and numbers, but learning about themselves, the real world around them, and their place in it. My child gets to go on wildflower hikes all spring and summer long. Watch the cycle of reap and sow in the gardens. Sled in the winter. All this plus a top-notch introduction into the world of learning! We have something really special here. It is a stepping stone into the wider community. The parents of these children are the parents we strive to be: Movers and Shakers! Romantic warriors with high ideals! Doing the most creative of acts—raising children. This school is a wonderful reflection of us and our children. So, maybe a better question might be, “why not Mountain Sprouts?” We never even considered another option. Why would we?
— Joshua Harmening

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