Development of the Whole Child - Growing Physically

It is our goal to provide each child with experiences that will promote healthy physical development and a healthy attitude about exercise and nutrition.

Small Motor Skills:

  • Lace objects
  • Hold a pencil/crayon/marker/paintbrush/etc.
  • Make alphabet sounds with mouth
  • Pinch objects such as clothespins
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: concentric exercises
  • Cutting, tearing, tracing, pasting

Large Motor Skills:

  • Using legs to run, jump, skip, hop
  • Using arms to reach, push, pull
  • Bending/flexibility

Sensory Exploration:

  • Hearing and identifying sounds
  • Touching and identifying textures/temperatures
  • Tasting new foods
  • Smelling and identifying odors
  • Seeing and identifying light/dark, bright/dull