Sugar Scrub Project

We took advantage of teacher Katie’s expertise knowledge of natural body care this month and did a group project to make a sugar scrub. She guided the kids in making a large batch so that each could take home a small jar for a Father’s Day gift. With the remaining portion, the kids got to have some sensory fun in the garden. They explored scrubbing and washing their hands and arms with the scrub and water. The simple scrub was made out of sugar, oil, charcoal, and orange essential oils.

A Day at the Pond

On Tuesday morning we took a trip to the pond! The kids carried their own lunch and water in their backpacks as we trekked across Tierra. It was surprisingly sunny so we stopped for a water break in the shade on the far side of the lavender field. Last time we went to the pond, we found hundred of tadpoles in the puddly stream on the final section of the path. This time we didn’t see any; we decided they must’ve finally grown into frogs and hopped away (“just like in our lifecycle!” Holden exclaimed.)

Once at the pond we enjoyed bug watching (we found a yellow-spotted millipede!), “fishing” with sticks, and relaxing in the shade. The flowering plants and fresh greenery smelled so good. We also discovered some deer prints in the mud nearby.

As wonderful as it is to be at the pond, we inevitably had to leave. We packed up our bags and hiked back across the property. We stopped at a pic-nic table near the lavender field for lunch before finishing our walk back to school. On the way back we stopped to greet the donkeys and offer a few handfuls of hay. It was a wonderful morning.

Welcome to the Mountain Sprouts Blog!

Welcome to the Evergreen Preschool class blog. This is a space for us teachers to share class activities and downright adorable photos with you fabulous families! The intention of this blog is to give you more insight into what we do every day at Mountain Sprouts. We welcome feedback about what you’d like to see published here. Thanks for participating in our community!

A reminder to us all of the vision and mission here at Mountain Sprouts:

We envision a community where children learn through experience and exploration.

Children have a natural curiosity and drive to understand the world around them. As parents and educators we aim to be guides on their journey to adulthood, to promote their innate abilities and interests. We dream that all children in our community will

have this support through their education and development.

We strive to realize our vision through supporting families by utilizing our natural world and community to cultivate learning.

Cultivation is the practice of promoting and improving growth. Thus we cultivate, by giving the opportunity, the tools and the space, along with community support, out on the trails of the Upper Valley, so our students can become their best selves.

We encourage all children to play, explore, take risks. We emphasize our connection to each other, our Earth and all the creatures that we share it with.