One in a Million


Mountain Sprouts joined the One Million Bones and Students Rebuild to create 70+ bones made of wood and clay. The bones were transported to Seattle and incorporated into a store front display on April 4.  The bones will be sent to Washington D.C. and laid out on the National Mall June 8-10, 2013.  Listen to our Sprouts learn about peace, love, and respect through this global awareness project!

Leavenworth Preschool Joins Global Peace and Justice Project | KOHO Radio

About the Project:

The Bezos Family Foundation is partnering with One Million Bones to collect artwork in the form of 1,000,000 bones for a collaborative installation at the National Mall in Washington DC in June.

The installation is in remembrance of victims and survivors of the genocide and other atrocities in Somalia and the Republic of Congo. The Bezos foundation is collaborating with Students Rebuild Challenge to donate $1 for every bone made by students (up to $500,000) through this initiative for on the ground work in Somalia and the Congo. 


The premise is to make global social change through education. Even though the subject matter is sensitive, it teaches that bones represent humanity, provide a connection between history and our future, and at the core we are all the same: bones.

If you would still like to participate, check out:  Bones will be accepted until April 28.

Thank-you to all those who participated in this global social arts project.