Abundance in the Orchard

As Summer transitioned into Autumn we discovered the small orchard was full of pears and plums. What a treat! Andrew, Tierra property staff, tipped us off when he shared a bagful of fruit with us one day. He suggested we check out the orchard for ourselves and we are glad we did. While the fruit was ripe, we made a few trips to snack and harvest during September.

The orchard is located along the road near Tierra Village. From school, we hike the Coyote house trail and then continue to the road down their driveway. The small grove of fruit trees are situated in full sun on the edge of the hay field. It’s a delightful place to spend the morning. Each time we went we snacked on delicious pears and juicy gold and purple plums. Apologies for any plums that came home squished inside a backpack! The kids were so excited to share them with you.