Pumpkin Season

Our long awaited pumpkins finally grew! I think it’s safe to say they were the jewel of our garden. When we planted seeds back in the Spring, almost every child insisted on planting pumpkin seeds. Not all those seedlings made it, but we had more than enough to give us a good little harvest. If you visited the garden this Summer you saw all manner of squash and pumpkin vines taking over the majority of ground space. It was beautiful chaos. Over the last month especially, the kids have been peering through the leaves to find the pumpkins as they emerged from their blossoms.

Thanks to all who helped at the work party, our garden was cleared away for the winter and the pumpkins finally picked. in the pictures below you’ll see all the creative ways our kids played with and explored the variety of pumpkins (and a few rogue squash) in the open garden space.