Bike Day

One of our favorite new traditions in the preschool class is bike day! We’ve been doing it at least once a month and the kids are always super excited to bring their bikes to school. For bike days, we take our bikes up Barn Canyon and ride the dirt road back and forth between the shed and the end of the canyon. Many of the kids bring their bikes from home and we have our school bikes available as well. It’s been wonderful to see the kindness and generosity of the kids as they practice sharing, trading, and taking turns. Some of our kids have been practicing their peddle bikes and hand-break bikes at home and can’t wait to share their new skills.

This week in conjunction with talking about herbs and flowers, we had lavender lemonade to sip on while we rode! The kids were very proud of the hard work they put in to make the lemonade and it was the perfect treat for our morning.