Herbs for Days!

Last week we took an entire five days to explore herbs and what we can do with them. Even with a week’s worth of activities, we barely scratched the surface on these wonderful plants. The herbs in our garden and the backyard were supplemented by a beautiful herb bouquet brought in by one of our students. We harvested, smelled, and tasted basil, mint, oregano, lavender, dill, thyme, and more! Throughout the week the kids kept an herb journal to practice writing herb names and contribute their own artist renditions of the plants with watercolor. Some of them even taped a bit of lemon balm inside, a definite class favorite.

Our most popular herb activity was by far the herb popsicles we made early in the week. Kids got to choose which herbs they wanted to include in their popsicles molds and then we filled them up with either almond milk or coconut milk. By the afternoon they had frozen solid and we enjoyed our refreshing snack outside in the backyard.