Garden Exploration: Salad

As our garden starts to fill out, we’ve been exploring what can be done with fruit, veggies, and herbs! This past week, we asked parents to bring in produce from their own gardens to share with us. What a bounty we had! On Wednesday, we had a garden party with the junior class. The kids had the opportunity to try a variety of foods fresh from your gardens.

On Friday, we used the leftovers to make salad in the preschool class. Each child got to make their own salad. They cut beans, ripped kale leaves, mixed balsamic vinegar in, and feasted on their final creations. Some were so pleased with their work that they packaged up their salad to take home to share (hopefully those didn’t get forgotten in their backpacks…). Thank you to everyone who contributed to our garden exploration this week. If you ever have excess produce, we’ll happily accept it!