Connected by the river

This week we’ve been creating a map of our area from Leavenworth to Wenatchee. We built felt houses to add to the map along with mountains, trees, rocks, and even a moon! You can find it displayed in the hallway outside our classroom. Even though we don’t all live in the same town, we learned this week that we’re all connected by a river. By studying the map, we discovered that even our friends in Plain are connected; Chumstick Creek flows in to the Wenatchee River! We could (theoretically) get in the river here in Leavenworth and ride it past everyone’s houses all the way to our friends in Wenatchee. Wouldn’t that be fun?!

During outside time, we created a river in Barn Canyon. We started a flow of water at the top of the hill and watched it work it’s way down to the parking lot. In some areas it spread out and flowed slowly and in other areas it carved deep, narrow canyons. On Monday, the rain bolstered the flow. The class noticed that on Tuesday, without rain, the river took longer to make it down the hill. Aside from tracking the flow as it made it’s way down the path, discovering that it made a lake at the bottom was the favorite part. Again aided by the rain, the kids discovered some excellent puddles for jumping in. Check out the photos below!