Marigolds in Full Bloom

Not only are our vegetables ripe for harvest in the garden, but the flowers are too! We have an abundance of marigolds this year that have not gone unnoticed. Over the course of a few days, kids gathered flowers and cooperatively sprinkled the petals around the bench in our garden. The more they sprinkled, the more vibrant the color became and others were enticed to join in. Before we knew it we had a lovely orange, magical carpet. What began as a sensory exploration in the garden turned into a imaginative play space where kids wished on magic stones and attended weddings.

I loved seeing the skills that went into creating this magical space. First, the girls who began it all had to learn how to pick the marigolds without pulling the whole plant out of the ground. When a few of them figured it out, they helped direct each other and coached their friends in using proper picking technique. They had to work together once or twice to replant a plant before moving on. They cooperatively carried flowers across the garden, puling out and tossing petals on the decided upon pathway. When other classmates became interested, the original players created space for them to join in and showed them what they were doing. There was room for new ideas too, like putting petals on the bench and not just on the ground. Almost of their senses were involved from feeling and handling the flowers to smelling them and feasting their eyes on the beauty they created. It was a spontaneous and intricate play event that left everyone a little bit happier. I wonder if the petals will still be there this week!