Evergreen Preschool

7:30 am - 5:30pm, year round


The Evergreen Preschool room is for kiddos ages 3 years and up, who are independent in the bathroom (unless a disability prevents them from being so). They enter this class beginning to show their independence and capabilities as a student and they leave ready to soar in Kindergarten!


At Mountain Sprouts, we know research shows that student led learning results in deeper understating of the lessons that we share together. Thus, our curriculum is developed by our experiences and through our reflections as we explore outside. We allow ourselves to be inspired by our environment, and in turn, our curriculum will be modified, adapted and expanded to support our budding curiosity and inquiry.

Teachers utilize child development research and guidelines with observational assessment to expand simple curiosities into robust exploration. We track student abilities and growth through these experiences and work with families to ensure appropriate progress in all areas, from social, emotional, and life skills to language, reasoning and pre-math and reading. Check out Why Outdoors for more on our curriculum focus.

At the Preschool level we focus on independence, learning how to participate in a group and honing our knowledge and abilities for the next step into Kindergarten!

With long days for young students we flex our indoor and outdoor time depending on the season, the day and the feel of the students. Every day includes a rest time to replenish their bodies.