Family Explorers


Enjoy Willow for free…

...when caregivers attend our Willow program (half-day) with their child!

Whether you want to know more about nature immersion education, or you would like to help ease your young preschooler into their first school experience, or you just enjoy walking the trails with the kids, Family Explorers gives the opportunity for parents and caregivers to join our class!


How it Works

We offer Family Explorers free to our community because you give back to us by joining our class.

  • Register for a date

  • Come 20 minutes early to class on your Family Explorers day to chat with the teachers about the plan for the day. Willow Teachers will guide parents on how to:

    • support your child acclimating to class

    • support the whole class

    • special projects for the day

  • There is no limit on the number of times you can use Family Explorers

  • Capacity: we limit each day to 2 Family Explorers

  • Younger siblings are allowed


Family Explorer Registration

Register here by letting us know what day you would like to attend the Willow Preschool as a Family Explorer!

Student Name *
Student Name
Caregiver Attending Name *
Caregiver Attending Name
Parent Name (if different)
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Date of Attendance *
Date of Attendance
Let us know if you have any questions or notes. Please let us know if you will bring any siblings.