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MSCC was founded by a small group of Upper Valley parents that were in need of full-day child care, but didn't want to sacrifice the  benefits of a preschool curriculum.  As the group brainstormed a  solution, they realized the opportunity to create the school of their  dreams.  Learning through art, nature, and motion was a key concept  agreed upon by all.  Match this concept with experienced and certified  teachers and a magical mountainous setting, and the basic idea was set.

The plan was developed and soon the group sought out a  location for the school.  A partnership was born upon discovery of an  available space in the Art Barn at Tierra Learning Center.  There was  still a lot of work to be done, both logistically and structurally.  The state licensing department told the group to expect about 2 years of  work to get MSCC licensed and running.  Yet three months later, in October of 2009, this particular set of determined parents created and opened  Mountain Sprouts Children's Community.

MSCC received non-profit status in June 2011.  The school  continues to operate as a non-profit childcare governed by a Board of  Directors comprised of parents of currently enrolled students.  It is  our joy and passion to share this wonderful school with your family.