We envision a community where children learn through experience and exploration.
Children have a natural curiosity and drive to understand the world around them. As
parents and educators we aim to be guides on their journey to adulthood, to promote
their innate abilities and interests. We dream that all children in our community will
have this support through their education and development.


Mountain Sprouts highest goal is to support families in the development and learning
process of our community's children. We strive to realize our vision by supporting families by utilizing our natural world and community to cultivate learning.

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to providing a nurturing, home-away-from-home environment for preschool aged children and a reliable childcare solution to the working parents of our community.

Children enrolled in our program shall be encouraged to play and imagine; inspired to understand, love, and respect nature and the sustainability of the natural world; and engaged in the creation and enjoyment of music, arts, and crafts to facilitate emotional, social, physical, and mental growth and development. 

Parents volunteer time or resources to improve and/or maintain the quality of the cooperative; be involved with fundraising and projects; and maintain communication with Teachers, Board of Directors, and other Parents.  Our community shall serve as a source of inspiration, participation, and education.

Philosophical Foundations

Mountain Sprouts Children’s Community believes that children learn best when they are engaged in their environment through play and are instinctively motivated to do so when the appropriate environment is presented to them.  MSCC provides children with opportunities to explore the world they live in (be it through music, art, science, or just everyday interaction) and to make choices to create an experience. Exploring the choices, thoughts, and feelings surrounding the experience is the foundation of  our curriculum:

  • Emergent Curriculum:  Learning is child-directed; guided by their curiosity and interest. Teachers work as researchers alongside the children. They carefully listen to the interests of the children, assisting the children in defining their questions as a place to begin investigations and express their knowledge.
  • Project Approach/Inquiry Based Learning:  Teachers guide children as they explore their interests and ideas more in depth. Teachers provide materials, help children identify their hypotheses and then work in collaboration with the children to pursue a course of study. Teachers provide continuous support through the process by asking children questions to encourage them to take their learning to deeper levels.
  • Hands-On, Active Learning:  Research shows that children learn best through play, using their whole bodies in active learning. We honor this in our program, providing an abundance of learning opportunities through meaningful play.
  • Environment as Teacher:  The environment is seen as instrumental to a child’s educational experience. The classroom environment is composed thoughtfully and intentionally. Teachers work to create opportunities for learning both in nature and in our classroom while providing a safe, comfortable place for children to carry out their investigations.
  • Teacher as Researcher:  Teachers are committed to listening, observing, and documenting children’s work carefully throughout their investigative process. In this capacity, teachers are able to provoke, co-construct, stimulate new thinking, and foster children’s collaboration with each other.