Evergreen class

We are passionate about the potential of every child and we believe in facilitating an environment where children can discover their potential; setting the foundation for success and a life-long love of learning.

In our Evergreen Class, we are one mixed-age classroom where children have an expanded opportunity to grow and learn from one another, all day long all year round. We provide opportunities for learning through art and nature, with an emphasis on school readiness.


Mountain Sprouts offers a hands-on, integrated curriculum in which children participate in a variety of activities that are designed to give support in several developmental areas at the same time.  For example, students may make homemade play dough during group time. Through this activity they are growing cognitively by learning about measurement, color mixing, counting, and reading (the recipe and labels); they are growing socially by taking turns and cooperating; they are growing physically by using their fine motor skills to measure and stir the ingredients and knead the dough; and they are growing emotionally by experiencing the satisfaction of completing a task and the excitement that comes from being part of a group. Throughout your child’s school day he/she will have opportunities for learning and growth by participating in group/individual projects, circle time, and child-initiated exploration. 


Parent Involvement Program  

We love our Sprouts Parents! It is with parent involvement that Sprouts is able to have a high quality school for as low a price as possible for families and to build our children's community.

Families can choose to either volunteer for two hours each month (per student) or contribute financially to help support our small program.

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