"We just moved from Seattle where we had an abundance of options of preschools and day cares however not one that we found compares to the educational integrity and fun of Mountain Sprouts. Priced far more affordably than any Seattle school as well, Mountain Sprouts brings our children through each day incorporating learning through stories, games, songs, hikes, art projects and interpersonal experiences in such a unique way. It is rare to find such qualified and devoted teachers for this age but it is so important to us as parents that our children get extraordinary care and guidance in these early years."                          

--Mia Bretz


South - hosting a community/donation night

BeYoutiful Hot Yoga - participating/donating to our Week of Relaxation

Harmonie Skin Care - participating/donating to our Week of Relaxation

Muchen Haus - hosting a community/donation night

Polish - participating/donating to our Week of Relaxation

Shears - participating/donating to our Week of Relaxation

Bubblery - participating/donating to our Week of Relaxation

Cup and Kettle - participating/donating to our Week of Relaxation

Idlewild - hosting a community/donation night

Tumbleweed - participating/donating to our Week of Relaxation

Evolve - participating/donating to our Week of Relaxation

Watershed - hosting a community/donation night

Beaver Valley Parent Group - sponsoring Bike n Juice

Geoff and Tina Richardson - donating an outdoor play fort

Gather Leavenworth - orgaizing our Week of Relaxation fundraiser


Munchen Haus

Mitchells Rock and Landscape Supply


Leavenworth Earth Day on behalf of Holly Blue

Leavenworth Nutcracker Muesuem on behalf of Judy Derpack

A special thanks to Wiley Photography and Corbin Crimmons Photography for allowing us to share their photos of our beautiful Sprouts on the web-site! 

Thank-you Community Foundation of NCW! 

MSCC has been generously awarded a grant from the Community Foundation of NCW!  Your support of our school helps keep us strong!

New Crop of Sprouts

Thanks to Corbin Crimmons Photography for photographing 2013-14 Mountain Sprouts class!

Kid Got Skillz

Thanks to our parent volunteers Jason Lundgren, Amber Zimmerman, Alan Willard, Ginger Gambrall-Everson, Tom and Hollatz, teacher Chelsey and coordinator Chloe Hollatz for setting up the 2013 Bavarian Bike n Juice Skills Course!



Black Cows at Bike n Brew!

Sprouts served up some tasty Black Cows (i.e., root beer floats) at the 2013 Bike n Brew Festival.  Thank-you to all of our sponsors for making this a successful fundraiser! 

Contributors include:

Ginger Gambrall-Everson for the delicious cookies, Safeway, Plain Grocery, and Tierra Learning Center!


Supplies donated by: 

Eron Drew, Tawnee Melton, Mijanou Fourtney, Hilary Lundgren, Travis Blue, Chelsey Diamond, and Naomi Bull.

A special thanks to those who volunteered their time to run the booth and fundraiser:  

Dzhan Wiley, Erina Harmening, Shanda Holm, Kate Sharpe, Danielle Gibbs, Michelle Tiegel, Holly Blue, AND our event coordinator Mia Bretz!

Sheep, Legos, and Beer, OH MY!

MSCC wants to give a great BIG thanks to Icicle Brewing Company (IBC) for five nights of Leisure in January!  Sprouts partnered with IBC to host events for kids of all ages:  a Shaun the Sheep Movie Night, a night of Chocolate Bliss, Smartypants Trivia Night, and an extreme LEGO competition!  Our budding artists also sold several masterpieces on display!! 

Thanks for all the kids, parents, and our great community for coming out to support IBC and Sprouts!   We would also like to thank the following for their contributions:

  • Icicle Ridge Winery
  • Bergdorf Cellars
  • Okanogan Winery
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
  • Renaissance Cafe
  • Visconti's
  • Leavenworth Mountain Sports
  • Ryan Patrick Vineyards
  • Good Mood Food

Chris Ohta Photography - Mountain Sprouts 2012

Chris Ohta Photography - Mountain Sprouts 2012

Say Cheese!

Check out our cute little Sprouts on photo day!

Thanks again Chris Ohta Photography for the session!

Playground - Phase II - We have Grass!

Parents and Teachers,

You guys are amazing... It's because of all you families that our school is able to BE! Thank you so much for all you do, the playground looks great!! 


  • Sprinklers:  Andrew & Willy 
  • Borrow Tractor:  Willy
  • Hillside Prep:  Jaimie Wiley, Hilary, Shanda, Tawnee
  • Move Bat House:  Amber Zimmerman & Alan Willard
  • Apply oil to fort roof shingles:  Naomi & Andrew Myhra
  • Pick up Compost:  Chelsey & Tawnee
  • Pick up Sod: Jaimie & Ben Wiley
  • Install Stairs (Stair Master): Jason Lundgren
  • Install Sod: Jaimie & Dzhan Wiley, Ben Wiley & Kate Sharpe, Jay & Mia Bretz, Josh & Erina Harmening, Jill Crimmins, Tawnee

Compost Donation: Jay at Mitchell's Rock and Landscape Supply

Sod Donation: Kent Bacon & Carla Wilson at Twin Firs Turf, Inc.

Oil for Fort Roof and Turf Fertilizer:  Brandon (Manager) at The Home Depot

Sod Roller Rental Donation:  Mike Miller at Leavenworth Jerry's Auto Supply

Playground - Phase I Complete!

We look forward to the continuing development of the playground. Spring 2013 will bring the construction of our new covered outdoor art and music stage along with improvements to the grassy area!


A big thank you to everybody who made Mountain Sprouts Playground possible!

Contributors include:

NCW Community Foundation
Tierra Learning Center
Timberwood Construction
Bob’s Apple Barrel (Bob Spanjer)
Plain Hardware
Home Depot
Marson and Marson (Ken Marson)

Additional funds and materials were donated by:

Eron & Willy, Jessica Raley, Joy Juelson, LaCovia Parrish, Steve & Kelsey Foley, Tawnee & Kris Melton, Andrew & Shanda Holm, Therese Gorman

Time and Labor put in by:

Jessica Raley & Kyrial Dreis, Tawnee & Kris Melton, Shanda & Andrew Holm, Keely Murdoch, Joy Juelson, Kevin Waters, Jason Lundgren, Tall Timber Camp volunteers, Eron & Willy, Jill & Corbin, Josh Harmening, Zack Lodato, and Alan Willard