Utilizing the natural world and community to cultivate learning.


Mountain Sprouts Children’s Community believes that children learn best when they are engaged in their environment through play and are instinctively motivated to do so when the appropriate environment is presented to them.  MSCC provides children with opportunities to explore the world they live in (be it through music, art, science, or just everyday interaction) and to make choices to create an experience. Exploring the choices, thoughts, and feelings surrounding the experience is the foundation of  our programs.


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Sprouts has sprouted a new classroom!


We are HIRING A LEAD Teacher! 

Join our teaching team in our newest class. Expand your experience while playing outside!

Meet our new Willow Class!

Starting February 6, 2017 the doors will open for our new half-day, outdoor preschool class at Wenatchee River Institute!  

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Meet our newly named Evergreen Class!

Our full-day, nature based preschool classroom at Tierra Learning Center has a new name!  

Check out our program that started it all.

Board Membership

Would you like to be a voice for early childhood education in the Upper Valley?

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Youth Uplift challenge

Each year we join Students Rebuild to support children across the world in pursuing education. This year we are helping by making hands!




See what's happening at Tierra Learning Center, visit www.tierralearningcenter.org/

See what's happening at Tierra Learning Center, visit www.tierralearningcenter.org/