Utilizing the natural world and community to cultivate learning.


Mountain Sprouts Children’s Community believes that children learn best when they are engaged in their environment through play and are instinctively motivated to do so when the appropriate environment is presented to them.  MSCC provides children with opportunities to explore the world they live in (be it through music, art, science, or just everyday interaction) and to make choices to create an experience. Exploring the choices, thoughts, and feelings surrounding the experience is the foundation of  our programs.


Summer Camps are here!

Join our fun, educational camps, where kids get to be kids, in the only place to spend Summer. . . OUTSIDE!!

Choose which series fits your child best: Willow Camps for Pre-k & Kinder OR Discovery Camps for Kinder through 3rd grade.



Summer Kick-Off Concert



Alumni Summer Drop In

All Evergreen alumni up to age 8 can drop in to the Evergreen (full day) program this summer!

Email info@mtnsprouts.org