Supporting families by using the natural world and community to cultivate learning.


We envision a community where children learn through experience and exploration.
Children have a natural curiosity and drive to understand the world around them. As parents and educators we aim to be guides on their journey to adulthood, to promote their innate abilities and interests. We dream that all children in our community will
have this support through their education and development.


We strive to realize our vision through supporting families by utilizing our natural world and community to cultivate learning.

Cultivation is the practice of promoting and improving growth. Thus we cultivate, by giving the opportunity, the tools and the space, along with community support, out on the trails of the Upper Valley, so our students can become their best selves.

We encourage all children to play, explore, take risks. We emphasize our connection to each other, our Earth and all the creatures that we share it with.

At Mountain Sprouts, we support our students so they build:


A Curious Mind

Daily inquiry is encouraged and supported by our teachers. Our curriculum extends past the ‘daily plan’ and meets the organically occurring needs and curiosities of the student. Our children are provided with the space they need to foster their creativity and critical thinking skills through both structured and unstructured opportunities and open invitations for inquiry.


A Strong Spirit

We try, we fail, we reevaluate, and we try again. We succeed. At Mountain Sprouts, we encourage students to take risks, to build resilience, to be strong leaders and self-advocates. Through exploration of nature and friendships, challenging our past abilities and experimenting with how the world works, we find our confidence and a strength we didn't know we had.


A Growing Body

Movement is limited to the space we are provided and out of doors students are free to hike, climb, dig, run, splash, and skip. Although we emphasize our time outside, our classrooms are intentionally constructed to also allow for both gross and fine movement. Whether they are drawing in the sand or investigating at our class science center, students are offered endless opportunities that will strengthen and prepare them physically, not only for kindergarten, but for life.


A Caring Heart

The trail beneath our feet is the floor, the forest the walls, and the sky our ceiling. This space is our classroom and collectively, our home. Building a strong and supportive classroom community as our backbone, we will gain deeper social-emotional understanding and literacy. At our school, we learn to care for our world, the inhabitants that we share it with, and each other.