Mia manages MSCC operations.  She has a BA in Environmental Issues and Land Use and and a BA in Natural Resources Economics.  She is a mother of three kids, all Sprouts alumni.  Mia is passionate about her family and their education as well as climbing, surfing, snowboarding, and laughing as much as possible!

Office Hours:  Monday - Wednesday, 9:00 am - 2:00 pm, by appointment

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Brittany is thrilled to be a part of the Mountain Sprouts community and to share her passion and appreciation for the love of learning, the fluidity of the constructivist teaching philosophy, and honoring each child’s connections to the natural world. As the Ed Director she is the head of programming.

She has her degrees in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education from Central Washington University and she has since taught in schools that have shared her philosophy of teaching and that honor the individuality, uniqueness, and strengths of each child. Brittany believes that children will find the most joy in learning when they are encouraged to play, explore, learn, and grow in a natural setting and environment. She holds a strong belief in the wisdom of children and encourages a classroom that supports child-directed learning. By teaching to the whole child and facilitating an environment where they are able seek out the answers to their curiosities, she believes the love and joy of learning will be fostered in each child.  

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Brittany spent most of her childhood outdoors. Even still, in her free time she can be found enjoying a hike with friends, playing on the water, rock climbing, or reading a good book at the beach.

Education Director Office Hours:  By appointment



Taylor has her Associates of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from Wenatchee Valley College and many years experience teaching in early childhood. She taught pre-k through third grade with an emphasis on working with children who have special needs. As a teacher, Taylor works to build a nurturing environment where every student can gain self worth and accomplishment, solve problems, accept others for their differences and express themselves. She strives to encourage independence, exploration, and creativity that promotes life long learning. In her free time she enjoys reading, baking, running, and yoga.



Bethany is a SoCal native who received both her Bachelor's of Fine Arts and Master's of Fine Arts in Los Angeles. Bethany taught for a variety of non-profits that focused on K-6th grade art education. Some of these non-profits included a mobile, woodworking program called 'Side Street Projects' and 3rd grade museum education at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. After her move to Leavenworth, Bethany found a desire to connect her teaching to the outdoors. Mountain Sprouts has been a meaningful place, merging her interests and curiosities. When Bethany isn't teaching, you can find her outside working on a watercolor, trying out a new outdoor activity, or going to roller derby practice.


Welcome to our newest teacher, joining us in the fall 2017!


(Seasonal Programs: Willow Preschool and Summer Camp)

Rachel is excited to be a part of the Mountain Sprouts community. Connecting youth to the natural world is a passion of hers and what better place to do that than the eastern slopes of the North Cascades. She has her BA in Environmental Education with a minor in Environmental Science. The past seven years Rachel has been working as an Environmental Educator, facilitating stewardship and a sense of place in the young people soon to run the world. When she is not teaching you will find Rachel doing something outside: climbing, skiing, mountain biking and/or birding.