We couldn’t do it without you!

The first part of our mission is to support families because raising up the next generation is hard and important work. Mountain Sprouts is a 501c3 non-profit so we can provide an educational service to our community, paid for by the community.

All of our fundraising goes directly to our scholarship fund so we can make sure all children have the opportunity to get the care and education they deserve.

Why Support Early Childhood Education?

Early childhood is a pivotal time in human development. . . research, blah

Children who attend preschool are blah blah more successful

While WA state provides subsidies for low levels of income, there are ## of families somewhere above that level that are not able to afford care while they work, or the critical preschool exposure.

How Did Our Community Make A Difference?

Last school year 2017 - 2018 we were able to give $$$ in scholarships, supporting ### families.

We raise funds mainly through our annual fundraiser, the Summer Kick-Off Concert.

We also raise about % of our scholarship fund in small fundraisers throughout the year:

We partner with local businesses who provide benevolent nights to support community work like ours.

We support Beaver Valley Parent Group in hosting Bike n Juice annually.

We host monthly community babysitting nights to allow local parents to have a night out on the town!

How Do Tuition Rates Are Determined?

Our main expense is staff. It doesn’t cost much to run a program, especially when you focus your curriculum on the natural resources available out your door.

It is our top priority to hire and retain high quality, professional educators. We cannot offer our students what they need without the right teachers to support and guide their development.

Our tuition rates are set based on the cost of funding staff. We raise money to offset these costs because they are

Financial Report

Thank You

We are so thankful to our 2017 - 2018 contributors who made these scholarships possible!