Q & A with Mia Bretz

This week we are going to dive deeper and answer some questions about the expansion project. We thought who better to interview than Mia Bretz, our president! Keep in mind, there are still quite a few items that remain undecided until we secure a location but hopefully this post will give you some insight into our vision for the project. 

Q: What are you hoping to achieve in the new location?

A: A new location will allow us to provide 2 preschool classrooms for the community while still providing the outdoor experience we believe in.  We only have space for 1 room in our current location.

A new location will also house our programs during a future remodel at Tierra. Once the Tierra remodel is complete, it can then be a second location providing a choice of program locations between it and Tierra, and even more classrooms (toddler? kinder? infant?).

Q: What is the long term expansion project at Tierra?

A: Tierra Learning Center is our parent/lessor and is planning a big remodel of their barn where we currently reside. With a barn remodel we anticipate up to 3 new classrooms!  Unfortunately, this remodel is a few years out.  Sprouts will need to be out of the barn during remodeling AND we would really like to offer a second preschool room sooner than a few years.

Q: Does MSCC have any new facility/locations in mind?

A: We do not have any leads right now, but we are looking for anyone with ideas or who would like to help!  We will need a space that has access to the great outdoors.  The building would need to meet the WA State Department of Early Learning facility requirements.  This includes a checklist of items that ensure a safe environment for the kiddos; however, it could be a renovated home, barn or business.  The options are many!

If you have a space that you think may work or would like to help with us acquire one, please let us know

Q: How will securing a facility in a new location affect the current students?

A: A new facility will impact our current students in two main ways.

First, our current classroom will move in to our new facility, ideally at the start of a new academic year. Same great program, new view. Our staff, program content and nature based learning will all remain unchanged.

Second, we will add a second preschool classroom in the new facility as well, which will allow for a larger teaching team and more individualized learning time for all students. Same great program, new friends.

Down the road, once we are finished remodeling at Tierra, we plan to utilize both locations for programs. Which programs are at which locations will remain undecided until closer to move in time. Same great program, more choices.

Q: How many more kids will MSCC be able to accommodate?

A: We currently average about 22 families enrolled in our program each year.  We would at least double that potential with a second preschool classroom.  Eventually, with the barn at Tierra finished, we will run between 2 to 5 classrooms, depending on the needs of the community.

Q: How can the community help facilitate this process?

A: You can let us know if you have a location opportunity in mind!


You can join our board of directors and help with the work it will take for us to make these big decisions and  transitions. The board is for you if you would like to see more options in our community for childcare and outdoor, experience-based early learning. We work to bring the best early education experiences possible for families of the Upper Valley.

If you or someone you know is interested please contact us!