Mini-Marshmallow-Filled FUNdraiser

February 15th, 2:30-4:30 on the corners of 12th St. & Commercial St. 

(by the Leavenworth Community Garden)

In January, as many people are taking the opportunity to set new goals & intentions for the new year, we took the opportunity to discuss goal setting with our Sprouts (A BIG topic for our kiddos). First, we had to talk about what the word ‘goal’ meant.  Many of the students had heard it used before in sports, but not in any other way. Ok, how about dreams? Again, a lot of our sprouts thought about dreaming while sleeping or nightmares. Our conversation lead us to the grander idea that dreams and goals can be things that we want, things that we hope for. Once we got our concept down, we made a list... what were some of our goals as a class for this year?

"We should learn how to sew!"

"We can dance all around the floor!" 

"Let's learn how to plant trees and make a farm!"

"Learn how to play soccer!" 

"Let's sell houses!" 

Hmm... selling houses... How could we respect his idea & expand on it in a tangible & realistic way? We were creating a list of stellar ideas! A list of goals that we (mostly) agreed on, goals that we wanted to learn & accomplish together. So our conversation took a turn to "well... we can't sell houses but we can definitely sell SOMETHING!" The next question for our group of curious minds?

"What can we sell?" Arms shot up in the air:



"Hot dogs!"

"Lemonade stand!"

"HOT COCOA!" (round of cheers, excitement, and applause)


We could have a hot coca stand!

Our next step, now that we have a goal, what is our outcome? What do we want to be be able to get from our goal? 

After discussing how we would be selling hot cocoa and thus, getting money in return, the kids all agreed that they'd hope to raise enough money for a classroom cookie party. They agreed and they agreed in a big way and WOW, are they motivated!


We've spent the last few weeks as a class designing fliers & invitations, practicing in our nicest writing spelling 'hot cocoa', and dreaming of our classroom cookie party. The only missing piece of the puzzle? YOU, our community!

We'd like to cordially invite YOU to our Mini-Marshmallow-Filled Hot Cocoa Stand & FUNdraiser!

Please join us on Thursday, February 15th between 2:30-4:30p for a steaming cup of cocoa on the corners of 12th St. & Commercial St. (by the Leavenworth Community Garden). Cups of cocoa are donation-based and our profits will go towards our classroom cookie party! Should we receive extra funds, we will put this towards our growing programming.  Check out more on our growing programs.


We look forward to seeing you next Thursday for a cup of cocoa! Our sprouts and teachers thank you, Community, for your continued support and love!