"Sprouting Willows: Fun for little folks in Leavenworth!"

We did it!

In February we opened our half day nature preschool, Willow. With a goal to provide families more options to enrich their child's education, we created a seasonal, drop-in program. For three hours a day, four days a week children can come and explore the Wenatchee River, following their inquiries and building friendships. With all the same good stuff we offer in our full day program (newly named Evergreen) it's just a short walk from downtown. 

We ran 3 sessions: Winter, Spring and Summer and two week long summer camps. During our "Natural Artists" camp, we had the pleasure of having Brook Hinton join us for the day. With lots of love she wrote up a post for the Wenatchee Mom Blog Here is an snip-it from the article:

"I had the pleasure on a recent sunny morning (just prior to the gagging smoke and squelching heat) to visit with some very imaginative and lively little folks along the Wenatchee River in Leavenworth. This was no ordinary group of little pixies, mind you. This was a giggling, curious little group determined to find adventure under every rock and beyond every corner of the trail. Meeting at the playground, this particular group of adventurers were part of a summer camp for 3- and 4-year-olds offered by Mountain Sprouts Children Community and with Teacher Taylor at the helm and their little red wagon stuffed full of necessities, they put on their pint size back packs, grabbed their water bottles and set off in search of the biggest stick and full of questions about walking on clouds." -Brook Hinton

To read the full blog post by Brook Hinton click here "Sprouting Willows:Fun for little folks in Leavenworth!"  Or to find out more about our Willow program click here Nature Preschool